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It got better! I still can’t completely overlook the fact that JC Staff may be trying to tempt us with a badly adapted anime version but with episodes like this I don’t really care all that much. I much prefer this than the complete romance storyline I got a glimpse of in the novel extracts.


Several major events occurred in this episode. Firstly, it’s blatantly obvious that Ms. Longueville is Fouquet the Crumbling Dirt, especially since there was tons of emphasis on her hair clips and whatnot. Secondly, there is some sort of condition without which Saito cannot use his GODLY power. Thirdly, more meido love is good, very good. Fourthly, we finally get introduced to Henrietta.



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Before I start this post, go read up on this. I feel betrayed somehow.

Well now, that was an interesting episode of Zero no Tsukaima. Sorry for the delay in getting this up, mashed together with the vacation and increasing leaching of my free time by Kingdom Hearts II this kept getting pushed further back.

ze french lettre
I could actually read/understand most of that!

I was anticipating this episode. Finally some character development for Siesta I thought. Not only did we get that but we also got a fair bit of character development for Saito as well. I was a tad bit disappointed when talking sword-san got the rather disappointing screen-time it got. I was half hoping that Saito would hoist it over his shoulder and set off to rescue Siesta rather than taking the big golden sword he filched off Kirche without her knowing (somehow, I found that scene hilarious). Then again, it was a shiny gold sword so I can sort of see his reasoning there.

Yet again an image-filled flashback follows.


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Louise love
First Kiss by ICHIKO mp3 @ 256kbps VBR. Grab it here now.

I must admit, I didn’t like it at first and wrote it off as being a generic piece not worth listening to. It’s grown on to me in the last 3 episodes and the full version is pretty funky. Love the instruments used — even if they do sound like they’re all being synthed. Download and give it a spin for yourself.

Sorry Jason, for stealing the concept ;). Thanks must go to [vga-ost] for upping this. Cheers guys!

Edit: It seems that Jason beat me to it, guess I should have put this up yesterday instead of waiting :P. Eh, this’ll stay up anyway.

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I must admit, this episode did not have the same kind of mass appeal that the second and first episodes were covered in. It’s probably the zeal of the production staff wearing down after the first couple of episodes. Hopefully it’ll pick up soon.


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Haha, the fanservice finally rears its head in the series. And in full force too! And the strange thing is that it’s not bad fanservice! It actually helps the show and adds to the humour instead of completely harm the show. Beware, copious amounts of imagery follow.


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Zero no Tsukaima ain’t bad, not bad at all.

I wasn’t expecting much, but of course with this being a JC Staff production having a lot (and I mean a lot, c’mon, same voice actors, same art style, same underlying story concept?) in common with Shakugan no Shana, I decided to check it out once I saw Kuroneko’s release up on tokyo toshokan.


Animation-wise, it’s pretty much superb, again, it’s to be expected of JC Staff. Character design also keeps reminding me of Shakugan no Shana a lot, but not as much as say the similarities between the designs in Fafner and SEED.


The plot also seems to be pretty interesting, it certainly has a certain charm to it (I’m going to ignore the obvious Harry Potter references..) The fact that the runes look a lot like those from LotR piqued my interest, especially since Saito has the obligatory “special power that is revealed later on” as can be seen from the OP.

Ah yesh, the OP. It’s pretty good, the song is not that bad even though it has the workings of a generic J-Pop song. It also has spoilers galore, not that I don’t like that, it leaves you guessing and looking forward to the next episode even more.


The Japanese pronounciation of some of the French names irked me a bit, but I’ll probably get used to it as the show goes on. Another thing that rather irritated me was the voice of the (perverted) Principal. It just kept reminding me of an old woman rather than an old man.


And one more thing, Tabitha (the quiet blue haired girl you see walking out of the class room in the beginning) is a Rei clone. And perhaps a Yuki Nagato clone too while I’m at it. I kept expecting Yuki’s voice to come out of her mouth when she spoke.

What constitutes a Rei/Yuki clone:

  • Blue hair or hair with blu-ish tinge (Yuki) — Check
  • Quiet demeanor — Check
  • Completely ignorance of events that occur around — Check
  • Emotionless voice — Check
  • (Yuki) Glasses — Check


I don’t particularly like the ED, doesn’t really appeal to me all that much, it has a novel animation concept but the song is just…meh..

Anyways, I’m going to keep an eye on this one, it’s certainly higher on my watch list (in terms of weekly priority) than Tsuyokiss and Muteki Kanban Musume (the only shows I’ve seen of this season) though. I haven’t finished marathoning Hachikuro S1 so I can’t really comment on Hachikuro II.

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