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Tonagura! OP+ED

I’ve had several hits in my search logs inquiring after these. So here you go. No promises that they’ll last for long so grab them while you can.

Tonagura! OP
OP cover
DRAMATIC GIRLY by Kanda Akemi, Oohara Sayaka, Hazuki Erino, Sekiyama Misaki and Tsuji Ayumi
mp3 @ 320kbps. Get it here.

Whew, that’s one long artist list.

Tonagura! ED
ED cover
Aitai Kimochi Kara ~Placid time~ by Kanada Akemi & Oohara Sayaka
mp3 @ 320kbps. Get it here.


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This has the potential to be the most fanservice-y show this season, even beating Zero no Tsukaima in that regard. Thankfully it has avoided an early death and is not a harem show at the same time, at least, that’s what I gathered from the rather pop-y, feel-good OP. That’s unless you count Kazuki’s sister as part of a harem of course, which I’m currently not doing. Tempting, but no.

rip? or not?

Also, as pointed out in the Anime Nano forums, the OP does have a certain scene that looks like it has been ripped out from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu.

boobie photo hug ftw!

The story concept is a novel one and has no doubt been covered on other blogs. Basically, it’s another show about “childhood friends” (seriously, at this rate, half of Japan must be falling for people they met in their childhood) but with a twist in the tail tale. Kazuki, the heroine, is the focus of the story here, rather than there being a male lead. Also, rather interestingly, her love-“interest” of 10 years, is a pervert. There, I said it. It’s not everyday you find an anime with a pervert for a lead.

yuji's enjoying all of this..

Hilarity ensures as well as scenes such as the above where Yuji, unlike countless male characters, does *not* turn away, excuse himself or even run away. Rather he stares, on the verge of drooling (heh), at Kazuki’s boobies. That’s pretty strange, Word just accepted “boobies” as a valid word.

instant shoujo! just add water

Musn’t forget to mention that there are shoujo dream scenes as well.

embarassment galore

Animation is pretty average, not much there. As must be obvious by now, it looks like a lot of the budget has gone into the fanservice rather than character design and such. However, saying that, I rather like the character design.

what ARE they doing?
instant nosebleed time

Music is really where the show shines. I love some of the bgm; I was even humming along at some points.

poor teddy

Maria, creeps me out. Definitely not someone I’d want to meet on a dark night. With or without her machine gun teddy.

i have nothing to say..

Finally — watch or not? I’d say watch. At least the first episode or so. You might find the story/characters interesting enough to keep watching as I have, or you may drop like a hot potato after being treated to waves after waves of fanservice. And as it’s going to be a 13 episode, it’s not that much of a committment. On that same note, is it just me or are we seeing *a lot* of 12/13/14 episode anime recently?

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