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flcl eva parody

It seems that the director of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hideaki Anno, is working on a project codenamed “Khara” which may or may not have a link to the Evangelion series *jumps for joy*. Hopefully it will continue on from End of Evangelion as another movie but that’s wishful thinking.

Also, the Gainax site seems to have added ‘Khara’ to its copyright lineup. Since I sadly can’t read Japanese I can’t confirm this. :(

khara.co.jp has been registered in the meantime since the 11 of last month. And according to ANN it was registered to Ikki Todoroki who Anno performed (yes, I said performed) with in the film Naisu no mori.

Finally (and again according to ANN) September’s issue of Newtype (yes, that same magazine that falsely brought up hopes for a season 2 of Haruhi) has promised an “extra large scoop” (their words, not mine) on Evangelion in their October issue. On the other hand, this could be completely unrelated to ‘Khara’. The magazine comes out on September 10th so keep your fingers crossed!

A continuation to the Eva saga would be great ever since fans have been whinging, moaning, grumbling, you name it, for some sort of coherent end to the series. End of Evangelion merely left a lot of people confused (especially me) but atleast it cleared up the story somewhat compared to the last two episodes.

P.S. good god, is it possible to find anything but Rei hentai on danbooru??

Edit: I stand corrected, you can find Asuka hentai galore as well. Thank god Shinji was somewhat spared, that would be rather disturbing.


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