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I decided to actually blog episode 2’s of all the ‘first impression’ series I’ve done. Who knows, rankings may change. Spoilers may follow.



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Pumpkin Scissors, what a name. This almost put me off watching the anime if it hadn’t been for my resolution to try every new series this season (oh I’m going to regret that once my hard drive starts screaming at me).


For starters, the intro was just amazing. For them to actually announce a ceasefire in the middle of a military academy graduation (?) had much more of an impact than say they’d actually shown the ceasefire agreement being signed. Plus the heroine reminds me of Saber in a way… Oh and the male lead looks a great deal like Saito from NHK ni Youkoso, I know I shouldn’t be surprised, what with GONZO handling both shows but it just gives me chills seeing someone looking like Saito speaking normally to people.

the tank of doom

It just surprises me the amount of detail that GONZO has put into this first episode. The CG actually looks like 2D, i.e. I love the integration. You won’t know its CG unless you actually look for it. For some strange reason, it reminds me of some sort of cross between NHK, Full Metal Panic (1, not the following sequels done by KyoAni) and other series I can’t seem to put my finger on right now…


But this isn’t your typical low-budget GONZO show, this looks like it has staying potential. The whole tank attack sequence almost had me jumping out of my chair shouting “Whoaaa~!!”. Plus the dog just kicks all the other characters arses in terms of lovability. He’s probably my favourite character in the show at this point in time.

woof woof!

Which reminds me, music. The OP is your typical depressing, distorted music, although to be honest it does seem to be spoiling rather a lot of the upcoming story. But then the ED–“Mercury Go” by Kana Ueda & Yukai na Nakama-tachi–, just makes everything right. Not only does the dog (Mer-kun? Mercury perhaps) have complete screen-time in it but I love the execution of it, as well as the animation style employed. Watch the episode just for the ED if you have to!

cant wait

Which brings us to seasonal ranking, this currently stands at:

  1. Pumpkin Scissors
  2. D.Grayman

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