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You’ve seriously gotta be kidding me. This is the promised godly remake of Negima-that-was? In what ways is this good?! Let alone godly. And I was looking forward to this as well… Let’s hope Code Geass doesn’t disappoint.

the awful classroom scene

C’mon, the show has no real saving grace unless you count the top-notch animation/CG. And that happens only in certain spots too. I mean reusing that background for the whole classroom scene just made that whole scene tedious to watch. I was actually contemplating ALT-TABing to Firefox to browse the web till that scene passed by. Then again, the whole magic scene was artfully done. That was one of the few bits that I actually like in this episode. Oh and the intro as well, that was nice, it just got steadily worse from there though.


I don’t really object to shifting the whole Evangeline arc to the beginning. I just finished reading that in the manga the other day (it’s volume 3 for all those who’re curious) and the whole Thousand Master/Evangeline fight scene was done much better in this anime. I didn’t expect her to step on the doll like that, that was pretty in-your-face.

evangeline again!

Oh and the vampire scenes were another bit that was done rather well. I always kept wondering how, in the manga, that no-one actually recognised Evangeline. But I suppose a dark shadow on her face works…kinda…

bah, nodoka

Oh gods, and the voice acting. It’s horrible! Well, apart from a few cases such as Konoka (whose voice I honestly hated in the first few minutes but grew to like later on), Negi and Evangeline. One especially bad one – Nodoka. She is not supposed to sound mature!! I was completely shocked when I heard her voice.

so what, i mixed the screenies up a bit

Onto the part of the show I hated pretty much completely. The character designs. For some reason I actually quite liked the designs in the OVA Preview. I have no idea why, but the designs actually look worse when put into a full-length anime episode. I was flinching every time I saw someone I recognised from the manga series. Takamichi looks horrible. Gods, what did that do to him?! He looks like he’s aged prematurely, even more so that before! The only real exceptions here are Konoka (who’s design actually looks quite good), Makie (she looks the same, thank god) and a few other random members of the class who’s names I just can’t put my finger on right now. I suck with names.

bai bai

So, what’s left…Ah yesh, music. Again, this wasn’t bad throughout the episode. I rather like how they did the whole ‘Negi leaves Wales’ bit with the music and all. But what the heck was it that was playing in the middle of that classroom scene?!


SHAFT, you have disappointed me. Not even a sacrifice of a thousand virgins can now sway the fact, in my mind, that no proper Negima anime series can be made.

good gods

Watch this if you’re bored. Like really, really, really, really, really bored. Oh and if you’re a Negima fan-boy/girl. I might drop this.


On to the rather dismal seasonal ranking of Negima?!:

  1. Pumpkin Scissors
  2. D.Grayman
  3. Yoake mae yori ruriiro na – Crescent Love –
  4. Negima?! (yes, that’s how bad it is)

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