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It’s here! It’s finally here!

I’ve been eagerly waiting for this for a while now, ever since I saw episode one of Bokura ga Ita.

I love the intro, especially the guitar riff, try listening to it with the bass+volume up on your speakers — bliss!

ze cover
Kimi Dake wo… by Mi mp3 @ 256kbps. Get it here. Updated: 03 Feb 07.

Alternative translations:

  • Only You…
  • 君だけを…

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Tonagura! OP+ED

I’ve had several hits in my search logs inquiring after these. So here you go. No promises that they’ll last for long so grab them while you can.

Tonagura! OP
OP cover
DRAMATIC GIRLY by Kanda Akemi, Oohara Sayaka, Hazuki Erino, Sekiyama Misaki and Tsuji Ayumi
mp3 @ 320kbps. Get it here.

Whew, that’s one long artist list.

Tonagura! ED
ED cover
Aitai Kimochi Kara ~Placid time~ by Kanada Akemi & Oohara Sayaka
mp3 @ 320kbps. Get it here.

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Louise love
First Kiss by ICHIKO mp3 @ 256kbps VBR. Grab it here now.

I must admit, I didn’t like it at first and wrote it off as being a generic piece not worth listening to. It’s grown on to me in the last 3 episodes and the full version is pretty funky. Love the instruments used — even if they do sound like they’re all being synthed. Download and give it a spin for yourself.

Sorry Jason, for stealing the concept ;). Thanks must go to [vga-ost] for upping this. Cheers guys!

Edit: It seems that Jason beat me to it, guess I should have put this up yesterday instead of waiting :P. Eh, this’ll stay up anyway.

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Bah, don’t have the patience to do episode summaries, I tried writing one. It put me to sleep.

However, OPs! Now those are amazing, some are chock full of spoilers, fate/stay night, I’m looking at you while some are just light fluffy and fun. Higurashi, well, think of it as a mix of the two, except without the light fluffy fun, it’s far, far from being that. Mp3 version available here (courtesy of Anime on My Mind).

Continued after break, beware imagery. (Nooo….danbooru is down, it won’t let me access the posts, using an old image of shion I found lying around)


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