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Haharr, managed to get a copy of this (thanks to [aznmp3]) — sharing for all those who’ve got addicted to this after watching Brave Story.

ze cover
Ketsui No Asa Ni by AQUA TIMEZ
mp3 @ 256kbps (VBR). Get it here.


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it begins

That was beautiful, one of the (rare?) moments where Gonzo did not screw up. This has been on my ‘must-watch’ list ever since I saw the trailer subbed by [Loli-subs]. I finally *ahem* ‘acquired’ it the other day and was waiting for an opportunity to watch it.


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rei plugsuit

It looks like I was somewhat right, that “Khara” project I talked of has been given a proper name and details about it have been (somewhat) exposed in the October 2006 issue of Newtype. It’s apparently called “Evangelion Shin Gekijou Ban” or “New Evangelion Movie Adaptation” (thanks to ANS).

The translation on ANS is a bit iffy so I’ve cleaned it up a bit.

Looks like most of the original team is still onboard for what seems to be a release that consists of 4 parts “(First volume, Second part, Latter part and Final story)”. Hideaki Anno seems to be handling the writing for the first part. I’m just glad this isn’t some half-arsed remake by a different group of people, though Gainax is well and truely trying to milk the cash cow that is Eva.

It looks like the series of movies will be a sort of remake of the original Eva, more like a ‘retranslation’ of the story, which I’m guessing would be like what the Eva mangas are doing right now (both Angelic Days and the Evangelion manga by Sadamoto). Also it seems to be something that new fans can simply jump into and not get run over by the newbie-hating story. To me it just seems like a ploy on Gainax’s part to get new fans into the series..

From ANS:

The technique that purposely scatters difficult words and phrases will not be used any longer.

Hahaha, well this is surprising, though it must be linked to the whole ‘get new fans into the series’ plan.

Again from ANS:

As an antithesis to current animation industry segments, it is an attitude on the production side to pull the act in the age that started from Eva.

Ironic, considering the previous statement as I did not understand a word of this, anyone care to explain this if they understand?

The movies will begin airing Summer 2007 in Japanese cinemas. I know I’m intrigued to see where this leads and to see whether they’ll be able to pull it off and not cause fans to go frothing at the mouth.

Scans available from Omni, go ogle.

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flcl eva parody

It seems that the director of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hideaki Anno, is working on a project codenamed “Khara” which may or may not have a link to the Evangelion series *jumps for joy*. Hopefully it will continue on from End of Evangelion as another movie but that’s wishful thinking.

Also, the Gainax site seems to have added ‘Khara’ to its copyright lineup. Since I sadly can’t read Japanese I can’t confirm this. :(

khara.co.jp has been registered in the meantime since the 11 of last month. And according to ANN it was registered to Ikki Todoroki who Anno performed (yes, I said performed) with in the film Naisu no mori.

Finally (and again according to ANN) September’s issue of Newtype (yes, that same magazine that falsely brought up hopes for a season 2 of Haruhi) has promised an “extra large scoop” (their words, not mine) on Evangelion in their October issue. On the other hand, this could be completely unrelated to ‘Khara’. The magazine comes out on September 10th so keep your fingers crossed!

A continuation to the Eva saga would be great ever since fans have been whinging, moaning, grumbling, you name it, for some sort of coherent end to the series. End of Evangelion merely left a lot of people confused (especially me) but atleast it cleared up the story somewhat compared to the last two episodes.

P.S. good god, is it possible to find anything but Rei hentai on danbooru??

Edit: I stand corrected, you can find Asuka hentai galore as well. Thank god Shinji was somewhat spared, that would be rather disturbing.

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Don’t you just hate it when you have backlog of anime just glaring at you, waiting to be watched?

I’ve had days when I’ve not had any anime to watch — unbearable, I know — but an overload of anime is just as bad.

I’ve got several (complete) series just lying there on my hard drive taunting me every time I open up the folder(s) they reside in.

Working my way through it though, extremely slowly, but hey, I’m making some progress! Whoo!

Finished the first season (+ extra chapters) of Honey & Clover (hereby referred to as Hachikuro, live with it, it’s simply easier to type) the other day. First impression: what’ve I been missing all this time?! That was simply one of the best series I have watched! Evar! And now I need more! Thank god Season 2 hath started; I’d probably end up re-watching the entire first season if it weren’t for it.

Panel #1

Also managed to snag the trailer for the Live-Action movie (yay!) thanks to Garten over at memento. I have to say, I love their choice for most of the actors.

Panel #2

One look at Morita’s actor just left me thinking “eh?”. Hopefully he’ll be able to pull off Morita’s character well. Also, is it just me or does Mayama look a tad bit older than he does in the anime? Again — hopefully everything will work out (is it just me or am I sounding a bit too optimistic here..?).

Panel #3

Hagu-chan on the other looks super cute! Wonderful choice of actress, she fits the role perfectly!

Another thing — are anime character designs changing to fit the movie or something? I could have sworn that the characters in the anime now look more like their live-action counterparts than they did at the start of the series!

Where was I? — Oh yesh, backlogs, to give a tiny idea of what I’m facing, I currently have over 36 Gigs of anime left to watch. And this is increasing everyday ‘cos of the new season…thank god the summer hols have started!

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die mushrooms, die!

Cat Soup is simply surreal to the core.

It’s an OVA by JC Staff (of Shakugan no Shana and Honey & Clover fame); an experiment in art and emotions.

Panel #1

The basic outline of the story is that the sister cat loses her soul to the death demon and her brother tries to retrieve it whatever way possible. He manages to get back half of it after a brief tussle with death. The other half is taken away by death and turned into a flower.

The siblings then embarks on a completely unplanned quest to retrieve it. They run across any number of bizarre and twisted individuals and are victims of greater powers during their quest.

Panel #2

It all starts out in a circus. The two go to see a visiting circus nearby where all sorts of ‘wondrous’ events are shown. However, this is rather shocking as one scene shows a huge bird with a mini atmosphere inside of it. It had a rope tied around one foot, the tightening of this loop brought pain to the bird causing it give out shrieks of pain. This pain was portrayed as sparkles and glitters of lights and stars. This only brought gasps of wonder from the audience. What’s even more sadder was the look of rapt wonder on the face of the little brother cat.

Panel #3

Some of the mini-stories in the OVA are actually rather twisted versions of fairytales. For example, the tale of Hansel and Gretel is twisty-fied when the two siblings meet up with man who absolutely delights in pain. In fact the food that the man feeds them is prepared extremely cruelly and it’s almost shocking to see the brother innocently gasp in wonder and gobble down the food provided.

Panel #4

The mini-tale ends in pretty much the same way as the original with the man falling into the soup pot he was planning to cook the two cats in (Cat Soup!). However, there is a gruesome twist, the brother chops off all four of the man’s limbs.

Panel #5

There are yet more disturbing tales such as that of the pig that shared their boat when the planet flooded over. The brother “unzips” him, pulls a chunk of meat out and starts frying that so that he can feed his sister. It gets worse. The pig drools at the sight of the sizzling meat and when the brother offers him a piece, he immediately starts eating.

pain, oh the pain!

Cat Soup could even be taken as a criticism on what would happen if ‘pain’ were to be abolished. Bountiful are the scenes where someone looses a limb and not a sound is uttered. All that is portrayed is shock at the event.

Panel #6

What’s more astonishing is that Cat Soup manages all of this without the use of a single seiyuu. All speech, not that there is much of it, is shown in text bubbles. However, the sound and music all make up tremendously for this. While typing this up, all I did was continuously hum the credits tune over and over again in my head.

Dubiously Recommended — may be too disturbing for some. Nonetheless, 70/100 monkeys.

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Akira is badass.


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