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This (Nodame Cantabile) has been my most anticipated anime of 2007 so far (apart from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu S2 of course). Even though I haven’t read the manga as of yet (stupid local bookstore, it doesn’t stock any Viz titles >_have watched the dorama version. Which in its own was simply fucking amazing. One of the few doramas, together with Tokyo Friends and Hana Yori Dango, that I have become hopelessly addicted to (Nobuta wo Produce might get added to that list but that’s for another day). Thus, naturally, I had high hopes for the anime, especially considering that the masters of slice-of-life, J.C. Staff, were producing it. And on top of that, Hachikuro’s

director Kenichi Kasai is on board as well!

well, i never saw THIS in the dorama

And my hopes were shattered into a million or so teensy little pieces after this episode.
It is nothing, nothing, compared to first episode of the dorama. Granted, the dorama had a larger time slot to work with but the anime was so horribly rushed. They didn’t have to cram what took an hour to show in the dorama into ~20min anime episode and expect it to appear ‘normal’. I admit though, to audiences new to the series, it may not seem as glaring as it does to me. I honestly don’t know how the manga handled this episode, if anyone can shed some light on the matter, it’d be great. One of the few good things was that we managed to see a few things that were left out in the dorama, such as the extended Vienna scenes in the beginning.

“Mukyaa~!” pales in comparison to “Gyaboo~!”

Another gripe: Nodame’s voice actor. I’ve gotten way too used to Ueno Juri’s acting in the dorama which, in my opinion, is a perfect rendition of Nodame. I suppose I will get used to Ayako Kawasumi’s voice over time though..it’s not too far removed from Ueno Juri’s voice.. But one major problem! She needs to learn how to do the “GYABO~!”s right so that it doesn’t sound like she’s adding ’em in as an afterthought. Chiaki’s voice actor on the other hand, even though he doesn’t do Chiaki’s trademark “Hieee~?!”s, is quite acceptable..

wtf mate?

Music-wise and animation-wise, no complaints. I love the OP and ED (and I think I heard strains of ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ when the ED started up!). At first I thought a pop-ish OP would be terrible for the show, but it actually fits in quite well and I find myself preferring this version over the anime one. It reminds me a lot of the Hachikuro OPs.


I’m holding out for a few episodes before I actually pass my judgment on this. Taking from my experiences with Hachikuro here as I personally thought that the show would suck after watching the first episode.

hachikuro nostalgia


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Don’t you just hate it when you have backlog of anime just glaring at you, waiting to be watched?

I’ve had days when I’ve not had any anime to watch — unbearable, I know — but an overload of anime is just as bad.

I’ve got several (complete) series just lying there on my hard drive taunting me every time I open up the folder(s) they reside in.

Working my way through it though, extremely slowly, but hey, I’m making some progress! Whoo!

Finished the first season (+ extra chapters) of Honey & Clover (hereby referred to as Hachikuro, live with it, it’s simply easier to type) the other day. First impression: what’ve I been missing all this time?! That was simply one of the best series I have watched! Evar! And now I need more! Thank god Season 2 hath started; I’d probably end up re-watching the entire first season if it weren’t for it.

Panel #1

Also managed to snag the trailer for the Live-Action movie (yay!) thanks to Garten over at memento. I have to say, I love their choice for most of the actors.

Panel #2

One look at Morita’s actor just left me thinking “eh?”. Hopefully he’ll be able to pull off Morita’s character well. Also, is it just me or does Mayama look a tad bit older than he does in the anime? Again — hopefully everything will work out (is it just me or am I sounding a bit too optimistic here..?).

Panel #3

Hagu-chan on the other looks super cute! Wonderful choice of actress, she fits the role perfectly!

Another thing — are anime character designs changing to fit the movie or something? I could have sworn that the characters in the anime now look more like their live-action counterparts than they did at the start of the series!

Where was I? — Oh yesh, backlogs, to give a tiny idea of what I’m facing, I currently have over 36 Gigs of anime left to watch. And this is increasing everyday ‘cos of the new season…thank god the summer hols have started!

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