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In the beginning, when I was reading the countless summer preview posts other bloggers had put up, Chevalier d’Eon was honestly something which I did not have any high expectations for. In fact, I didn’t expect anything from it at all.


Episode 1 blew me away.


Character design is simply a joy to watch in many places, I must admit, there are some which irk me, such as that of the red haired girl (I’m terrible with names) that d’Eon keeps talking to (and is interested in?).


Animation is wonderfully fluid and I don’t have a single complaint with it. It’s produced by Production I.G., a name which I’ve heard of but don’t know much about. A quick search on ANN turned up the fact that they were behind several big series like Love Hina, Ghost in the Shell and Blood+. Apparently, they had also helped co-produce FLCL, which came as huge surprise to me, I always though Gainax had solely produced that.


Music is lovely; it captures the mood of the moment and really helps you ‘connect’ with what’s happening on screen. Another quick search on ANN shows that it’s being composed by someone I haven’t heard of, Michiru Oshima.


The encode I had was terrible, sound-wise, though. I picked up AnimeYuki’s SD (704×400) 2.0 encode, rather than their HD (1280×720) 5.1 one as I’d heard that it was horrible and I’ll probably download a better encode once it comes out. The sound was completely messed up: voices were too soft in many places and sometimes the background music dwarfed that of the voices. I had to have my volume turned up really high in order to even hear and understand what they were saying. Then again, I only have a 2.1 speaker setup, 5.1 would not do much for me anyway. Of course, I’m assuming this is an encoding error rather than one that was done by the studio themselves. Video quality wise, it isn’t all that bad, I don’t actually have a problem with it.


And most importantly, the story is purely captivating. Even if the rest of the production had completely sucked, I’d probably still keep watching for the story alone. Episode 1 doled out several tantalising facts, story-wise, and cut off on a cliff-hanger. Some parts were even more creepier than Higurashi — which saying quite a bit. Not going to really delve into the story much here, watch it and find out for yourself! The fact that the story is based upon history is rather interesting, I’m actually reading up on the Wikipedia article for Le Chevalier D’Eon as I’m writing this.


Somewhere on par with Zero no Tsukaima on my summer watch list right now. Nothing can beat Hachikuro in terms of priority! Nothing! Don’t even try!


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