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Re: Shock!

Spoilers of ginormous proportions follow. Do not read unless you’ve watched Hachikuro ep7!


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Don’t you just hate it when you have backlog of anime just glaring at you, waiting to be watched?

I’ve had days when I’ve not had any anime to watch — unbearable, I know — but an overload of anime is just as bad.

I’ve got several (complete) series just lying there on my hard drive taunting me every time I open up the folder(s) they reside in.

Working my way through it though, extremely slowly, but hey, I’m making some progress! Whoo!

Finished the first season (+ extra chapters) of Honey & Clover (hereby referred to as Hachikuro, live with it, it’s simply easier to type) the other day. First impression: what’ve I been missing all this time?! That was simply one of the best series I have watched! Evar! And now I need more! Thank god Season 2 hath started; I’d probably end up re-watching the entire first season if it weren’t for it.

Panel #1

Also managed to snag the trailer for the Live-Action movie (yay!) thanks to Garten over at memento. I have to say, I love their choice for most of the actors.

Panel #2

One look at Morita’s actor just left me thinking “eh?”. Hopefully he’ll be able to pull off Morita’s character well. Also, is it just me or does Mayama look a tad bit older than he does in the anime? Again — hopefully everything will work out (is it just me or am I sounding a bit too optimistic here..?).

Panel #3

Hagu-chan on the other looks super cute! Wonderful choice of actress, she fits the role perfectly!

Another thing — are anime character designs changing to fit the movie or something? I could have sworn that the characters in the anime now look more like their live-action counterparts than they did at the start of the series!

Where was I? — Oh yesh, backlogs, to give a tiny idea of what I’m facing, I currently have over 36 Gigs of anime left to watch. And this is increasing everyday ‘cos of the new season…thank god the summer hols have started!

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