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Download now (.zip). Mirror #1 (if rapidshare no worky). NSFW, (yesh, there is hentai). Updated 5/1/2007.

I found this doujin (‘Higurashi no Naku You ni’) while randomly browsing the toshokan the other day. I know I’m probably late on the game, so excuse me if you’ve already seen this.

It’s by the same people who made the Eva RE-TAKE, Studio Kimagabuchi and damn, but it’s good. It actually helped me understand Higurashi (which actually got pretty awesome at the last episode)…to an extent. That is, if you ignore the blatant sex scenes that are in it.

Get it while it’s hot, knowing rapidshare this may disappear soon.


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rena + rika

As usual, all ye who progress must have watched Higurashi 24+ and be fairly immune to rantage. You have been warned.


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Satoshi sounds like a girl.

Meakashi-hen is turning out to be an interesting chapter. More Shion screen time always wins bonus points in my book.

Could we perhaps see the emergence of a killer Shion?

Satoko is gaining major minus points though, I can’t stand her whining.

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Bah, don’t have the patience to do episode summaries, I tried writing one. It put me to sleep.

However, OPs! Now those are amazing, some are chock full of spoilers, fate/stay night, I’m looking at you while some are just light fluffy and fun. Higurashi, well, think of it as a mix of the two, except without the light fluffy fun, it’s far, far from being that. Mp3 version available here (courtesy of Anime on My Mind).

Continued after break, beware imagery. (Nooo….danbooru is down, it won’t let me access the posts, using an old image of shion I found lying around)


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Run for your lives! The freaky killer lolis are here!

Disclaimer: I shall not be responsible for the damage caused by any assumptions made in the following paragraphs.
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, atleast from what I gathered from episode 1, is about killer lolis. Yep, killer lolis. The prelude to the episode shows the main (?) character, Keiichi, whacking something around with a baseball. Since there's blood and shtuff flying around, I'm going to assume from henceforth that he's whacking a dead body that seems to be manacled to the floor (?).

Cut to creepy OP (which does do a great job of carrying on the atmosphere).

Begin cheerfully happy morning scene.

Ok, right, maybe the director wanted to try something different, moving on.. Events in a 'normal day' unfolded until the first dump scene.

This is where the plot does a loop-de-loop and starts making your brain boggle again. An instantly likeable (but extremely creepy) guy immediately introduces exhibit a. the murder! and of course, the twist to this exhibit b. one of the murderers is still on the loose (*gasp* *shock* *horror*).

Keiichi is, obviously haunted by this and gathers up the courage to ask both Rena and Mion abou, both of whom give him abrupt and rather questionable answers. This of course only raises his suspicions even more and he finds an old magazine article about the gruesome dismembering of the corpse.

And the episode ends with Rena holding a huge-arse carver. A perfect example of a killer loli.

Aaaah! Can't take it anymore, this going from terrifying to calm to tension to calm and to terrifying againmakes me want to watch the next episode. Definitely going to keep watching this one.

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