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yuki! in a bag! reading!!
It’s Yuki! Reading! In a bag!!

No, I’m not abandoning this, I’ve just realised how much fun it really is to keep a blog on a topic that you can really write about. All my previous attempts to keep a personal blog ended up with inactive blogs that are, to this day, gathering dust in some musty old recess of the web.

Popularity-wise, this has already far exceeded my expectations – 3 months and it’s already garnered over 4000 hits. Heck, I thought I’d be stretching my luck to think about getting 1000 in that time.

In any case, it’s vacation time, I’ll be back in a week, and hopefully I’ll be able to pick some manga and whatnot up. Posting of Zero no Tsukaima episode 4 delayed till I get back.


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