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I got back sometime yesterday, managed to stop over in Singapore for a while and picked these up, probably my biggest manga purchase in a while, if not ever. Sorry for my crappy photography.

green haired kids

Hung’s been raving about these. Picked up the first volume to give it a try, getting the other 2 was pretty much a no-brainer. Yes, it’s that good. I actually lent them to my sister for a bit — note: she had never read manga before — and she came back demanding the next volume, which by the looks of things could very well be delayed a while.

big eggs!

RahXephon = awesomeness. 3 volumes? CY publishing (i.e. US5/570Yen per vol.)? Definitely.


Hey, I liked that alternate bit in the Eva ending, apparently this carries it on. Plus, volume 2 was out the day I walked into Kinokuniya.

they look the same

Eh, I liked Love Hina.

fruits? in a basket? no!

Can’t hurt to give it a try — if it’s good enough, next stop will be the anime.

I’ve yet to read the School Rumble volumes I picked up earlier, still contemplating whether I should review these series.

yuki again
couldn’t pass up a chance to put this up


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yuki! in a bag! reading!!
It’s Yuki! Reading! In a bag!!

No, I’m not abandoning this, I’ve just realised how much fun it really is to keep a blog on a topic that you can really write about. All my previous attempts to keep a personal blog ended up with inactive blogs that are, to this day, gathering dust in some musty old recess of the web.

Popularity-wise, this has already far exceeded my expectations – 3 months and it’s already garnered over 4000 hits. Heck, I thought I’d be stretching my luck to think about getting 1000 in that time.

In any case, it’s vacation time, I’ll be back in a week, and hopefully I’ll be able to pick some manga and whatnot up. Posting of Zero no Tsukaima episode 4 delayed till I get back.

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The Third’s narrator needs to be shot.

In the gut.


In other news, sorry for the lack of updates, had exams the past week, fun.

Thankfully, they end on Monday.

I also managed to get a hold of about 11 Studio Ghibli films as well as Akira. If I manage to get over my lazyness, expect reviews/rants of them on here sometime over the next month.

P.S. Tales of Earthsea (Gedo Senki) airs in 5 days in Japan, can’t wait till it’s subbed and/or released on DVD in the US!

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