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I never knew it was possible for shows to get better after the second episode. To me it feels like the first episode was simply a “look, this is what it’s about, remember that” while the second episode really showed what the series is capable.



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Well looky what just popped up: D.Gray-man, the first ‘official’ subbed show of the fall season. I feel a bit proud, even with the recent lack of activity; shtuff has lasted for 1 whole anime season. The recent stretch of no-posting has mainly due to me getting literally buried under heaps and heaps of IB coursework. I will be posting whenever I have the odd moment or two, especially since the fall season has started – I’m much more comfortable doing first impressions rather than episode-by-episode posts.


Right, anyways, enough off-topic rambling, back to the series.

the eye!

I must warn you; this is a shounen show, thus those who are especially allergic to shows which mark themselves with that label stay away. Even though I don’t really believe in such labelling, I put it in there just for the sake of it. I don’t make sense a lot of times, I know.


Produced by TMS Entertainment, the studio that brought us the infamous Hamtaro and Lupin III D.Grayman basically has a storyline similar to that of Chrno Crusade, except without the religious overtones (or so it seems – I’ve only watched the first episode, no manga whatsoever, I don’t think I’m that great a judge of this). I don’t know why, but the character designs remind me a lot of those found in Full Metal Alchemist. Saying that, the designs aren’t snazzy enough to really warrant a “Whoa!” reaction, they’re good enough I guess. Most importantly, the designs (so far at least) are watch-able, they won’t have you cringing (ala Demonbane).


Animation, at times, is somewhat slick, especially the whole cat-grabbing scene. I wouldn’t call it mouth-wateringly good as it is in Chevalier but again, like the character design, it’s watch-able and that’s what counts in the long run. I really suppose I shouldn’t be expecting much in terms of animation from the studio that made Hamtaro… There were a few scenes in which the ‘cartoon-ish’ effect they were trying to go for didn’t really work out. This mainly happened when they tried to inject humour into parts which I’d consider rather serious. I don’t know if it was like this in the manga as well, I can’t really blame the studio if so.

the interrogation

I didn’t really notice the background music in the show but the OP and ED are especially noticeable. The ED (“Snow Kiss” by Nirgilis) takes the cake though and not only in terms of music either. The video just seamlessly blended into the end of the show, I really didn’t notice it was over till they started showing the still images. The OP (“Innocent Sorrow” by Abingdon Boys School), the music, not the video has somewhat of gothic atmosphere to it, helps a tad with setting the mood for the show – it’s not tremendously successful with this but, heck, it tries! Plus it’s sung by an oddly named band, which I guess, counts for something.

this scares me

Finally, story. The oh-so-important aspect which has the absolute power to either make or break a show. D.Grayman has potential, oh heck it has potential. As long as TMS manages to pull of the pacing and setting of the story correctly, I can easily see this becoming one of the more popular shows this season. I do not know how long this is planning to run on for, but if it starts to exceed the 50+ep boundary, I may actually drop Bleach (gods, it’s getting boring) in favour of this. What I’m afraid of is that this also has the potential to quickly become a monster-of-the-week type show from what I saw of episode one, if it starts walking down that road, it’ll most likely be dropped instantly.


Verdict: watch if you like action or supernatural type shows. Give the first episode a whirl, and maybe the second as well, it can’t hurt.

and the end

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