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the belt!

This came outta nowhere. I’d read about Deltora Quest in many of the Winter previews but wrote it off as another of those generic & cheesy fantasy shows. That’s not to say that Deltora Quest isn’t generic and cheesy. It has it’s fair amount of generic characters:

  • Clueless boy-hero? — check
    • Possibly made even more cheesy by the addition of blonde hair/blue eyes? — check!
  • Aloof parents who bestow special powers/items upon said hero? — check
  • Mysterious stranger who joins the hero on his adventure? — check
  • Possible love interest who joins the party? — (possible) check
  • Mysterious item which shines/glows/moves/ at the hero’s touch? — check
  • Big bad villain who is a lord of some sort and is associated with darkness/shadow — check
  • ‘Quest’ starts off with the hero needing to find an item/power which will help him vanquish the villain? — check
    • Hero starts off quest by fleeing from minions of the villain — check

grarr! i be big bad and daaaark~!

However (and this surprises me too!), I rather like the whole premise of the story. ‘Course, don’t take my recommendation as cold hard fact. I’m a predominant fantasy reader and, after a certain number of books you tend to look past the clich├ęd setting and actually focus on the whole plot (i.e. in the beginning, you may not be able to see the forest due to all the trees that look all the fucking same!).

almost-fugly char design

Onto the more ‘technical’ aspects of the show:

  • Character Design:
    • I would not watch the show based upon the character designs. That is all I have to say.
  • Animation:
    • Not too shabby, I quite liked the OP with its crayon-like look. Plus, the whole illuminated-like-we-have-too-much-bloom concept in the dark was novel, I’ll give them that. But again, I would not watch the show based upon the animation.
  • Music:
    • Apart from the OP (which was !@#!@#JKSF$!@#!-ing liters of awesome), the rest of the music isn’t all the memorable, again, not an area this show scores well in.
  • Story:
    • THE WIN! Seriously. The story is the ONLY holding this show up on its feet, it’d be relegated to the deepest, darkest corner of the metaphorical closet if it weren’t for the kickass story. C’mon, you’ve gotta love a story that has big-ass dragon things which are adept enough to snatch gems from a belt and fly away. All this without destroying the castle in which the belt resided.

but sometimes they outdo themselves!

And with that, onto the seasonal rankage!

  • Nodame Cantabile
  • Deltora Quest



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