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Alright, so maybe Code Geass isn’t the best that Sunrise could have done. I’ve got a few bones to pick them. Spoilerage follows after the break.



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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. Sunrise + CLAMP = Win after all. I had doubts at first at the potential of this series as well as the way Sunrise may carry on about with it. After all, this was my most anticipated show of the season (apart from maybe Negima?! — and we know how that ended up

). Most of these doubts were thankfully dispelled after the first episode. I’m sorry that this is late though. I’ve been feeling out of sorts lately and haven’t been watching all that much anime recently, it’s weird.


This show truly is made out of pure win. Let’s take the character designs for one. They do remind me at times of the initial Gundam SEED designs but most of the time it’s just pure CLAMP love. CLAMP’s designs are wonderful and Sunrise is doing a top-notch job adapting them for animation.

animated mecha!

Animation is simply fabulous. I don’t think I’ve seen smoother animation any place else this season except for maybe Negima?! (I really need to get around to watching episode 2 of that to see whether it changed for the better). I do not have a single complaint here. Sunrise has truly redeemed themselves with non-CG mecha animation. Their last attempt–Zegapain—had pretty awkward CG in it…I must add this post is a bit biased as I’m an absolute sticker for well-done mecha anime, mecha for life!

lelouch+angry face

Music is yet another place where Code Geass excels. The OP is wonderful and considering it’s by FLOW I expected no less. Catchy and completely fitting, you can’t not like it. Plus the OP video itself is one of the better I’ve seen, As for the ED, well I can’t say I like it as such right now. I may grow to like over successive episodes, but right now, I’ll most likely skip it or just alt-tab out of MPC and start something else up till it plays.

more emo faces

Like a lot of shows this season the story here has serious potential if Sunrise manages not to muck up. I rather like the fact that Lelouch (our main character) isn’t portrayed as being overly good and heroic. Plus I just found the idea of an empire called “Britannica” completely hilarious. It just makes me think of the encyclopaedia every single time someone says it onscreen.

the june mermaid

Season Rankage:

  1. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (finally, some good mecha!)
  2. Tokimeki Memorial
  3. D.Grayman
  4. Pumpkin Scissors
  5. Asatte no Houkou
  6. Yoake mae yori ruriiro na – Crescent Love –
  7. Negima?!

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