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It’s here! It’s finally here!

I’ve been eagerly waiting for this for a while now, ever since I saw episode one of Bokura ga Ita.

I love the intro, especially the guitar riff, try listening to it with the bass+volume up on your speakers — bliss!

ze cover
Kimi Dake wo… by Mi mp3 @ 256kbps. Get it here. Updated: 03 Feb 07.

Alternative translations:

  • Only You…
  • 君だけを…

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Haha, the above image made me think of higurashi.


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screeny 1

I have one thing I need to say: I really, really, really like the art style in Bokura ga Ita. It’s pretty similar to the manga, which it follows scene-by-scene, I must add. Many thanks to deinakun for referring it to me. I picked up Volume 1 and read most of it, at least up until the parts covered by episode 1, don’t want to be spoiled by the manga since it’s only been translated up to Chapter 3 of Volume 2.

screeny 2

Story-wise, we learn a lot about Yano and a bit about Nana’s feelings for him. We also learn more about the elder Yamamoto as well as Yano’s feelings about her (apart from the obvious ones, considering that he was her boyfriend).

screeny 3

One more thing, I think that I’ve become a bit too obsessed with OP. You know when you get to that point when you know frame-by-frame what happens next? And you can (almost!) sing-along to the song?

screeny 4

Also in this episode: Nana confesses, Yano asks her out, Nana turns him down almost straight afterwards.

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single-tail love

Bokura Ga Ita, yet another show I didn’t have high hopes for — you can see how I didn’t expect much from the summer season at all. I’d relegated this title to the “ignore” bin when reading up on it sometime in June.

and who could this be?

Like a lot of other shows I’ve watched this season, I was pleasantly surprised.


Bokura Ga Ita has all the makings of light, refreshing, and dare I say fluffy, series. It veers away from the many stereotypes and clichés that the comedy-romance genre has been accumulating over the years. I’d say it manages to reinvent the wheel somewhat.


Art style is simply gorgeous, I love the big expressive eyes and the child-like character designs. The watercolour effect present throughout the episode reminds me somewhat of Honey and Clover — which is a good thing! That’s also probably one of the main reasons I continued watching after the first few minutes. I had originally planned to watch at least the first few minutes to gauge whether I should watch, or not, it. The art style grabbed me on first sight and honestly, it isn’t what you expect to see after seeing the promo poster at all. Art also strangely reminds me of FLCL in some places and I have no idea why. All I know was that “He~y, that looks a lot like FLCL” popped into my mind when I was watching. When this happened, at what particular scene, what I was thinking at the time — I do not have answers to any of these sadly enough.


Production seems to be ARTLAND, a company which I have not a clue about. A typical quick search on ANN shed some light on them. Apparently the only real production they did independently was Legend of the Galactic Heroes, a title that I’ve heard of and about but have never really gotten around to viewing.

hachikuro? is that you?

Music is above average and its simplistic nature really help the background tunes blend into the light artwork — they enhance each other. The OP music, which is “Only You… (君だけを…)“ by Mi, really grows on you. I had it on repeat a few times and now I can’t get it out of my head! The OP is another thing that reminds me of Hachikuro, the bike ride scene and the way Nanami clutches at Yano just brings up images of Hachikuro, even though I don’t remember anything like that happening… I can’t really comment on the ED yet as it turns out that ep1 will have a different one from the rest of the series. In any case, the song that was played was mesmerising (“Aishiteru (アイシテル)” by Mi), the animation sequence leaves a lot to be desired though. I don’t happen to be a fan of EDs that repeat scenes from the episode.

stop motion!

The story also seems to be pretty simple and relies a lot (and I mean A LOT! ) on visual aids, it’s not something you can simply understand by reading subtitles and skipping most of the images. It’s really a lovely though, I like the way the characters are portrayed — especially Nanami, there’s just something about her that makes me want to scream “kawaii~!” in a high pitched girly voice — truly frightening, I know. Also, her single-tailed hair is just instant win!

preview time

Again, not a show I’d rank above Hachikuro in this season, rather, (*drum roll*), I’d say it ranks just as equally. I seriously hope that The Triad keeps subbing this, the first episode was wonderfully done, no complaints on the encode, can’t wait for more!

that was quick

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