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it begins

Asatte no Houkou; probably the biggest surprise so far this season.


I actually hated the concept when I read about this on other blogs. C’mon, a girl becoming a woman and vice versa? Not really my idea of an enjoyable anime.

woot for water!

But J.C. Staff being there usual surprising selves have pulled off a big one here. In fact, I can draw many parallels between this and Honey & Clover, not surprising. J.C. Staff produced both. They both share the same drama/slice-of-life genres as well as gorgeously drawn artwork. Oh and they both have a miniscule female character. I especially love backgrounds in Asatte, they’re just breathtaking. Plus they have this whole ‘watercolour’ effect merging in at times — something which helps heighten that sense of ‘a summer gone by’ that you get when watching this.

the stone

In addition to this, pacing is simply incredible. That whole moon/transformation sequence at the end was gorgeous. I loved the way it just unfolded out. This is, so far, probably the most emotional series I’ve watched yet this fall. This is just something you can simply watch and somehow relax at the same time. It has this whole ‘flow’ going with it. It just seems like the whole episode is some sort of stream, you’re just floating along watching events pass by. It’s a somewhat nostalgic atmosphere, though I don’t really know why.

i believe i can flyy~

The OP doesn’t seem to be memorable right now but it seems to be one of those you grow to like more and more the more you listen to it. Plus more importantly it does help set the mood and atmosphere for the proceeding series. Not a bad combination altogether. The ED really isn’t all that memorable either, just your usual peaceful tune.

lets not talk about it

Definitely worth your time if you’re like your slice-of-life shows. Especially Hachikuro fans. Give this a spin, I doubt you’ll regret it.

i loved this bit

Season rankings time!:

  1. Pumpkin Scissors
  2. Asatte no Houkou
  3. D.Grayman
  4. Yoake mae yori ruriiro na – Crescent Love –
  5. Negima?!

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