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Abandonment is bad.


Dear gods, I almost forgot this place, it’s been ages since I last posted. Typical excuses apply I guess — work and laziness. Oh and I finally managed to get my PS2 fixed (yet again), turns out the power board had taken a turn for the worse or something.. Anyways, I got my grubby little hands on Final Fantasy XII and damn, is it ever addictive. Warning, mini pseudo-review may follow.

the enigma

I love the revamp of the battle system plus the Chrono Trigger-esque battle transitions. I actually look forward to battles on the map now, especially since enemies are finally visible on screen (a first for the FF series methinks). The ‘Licensing’ character development system does feel a tad bit ripped off from FFX but hey, I’m not complaining. It allows for just enough customisation without it becoming too much of a burden. I haven’t played around much with the magick or technick systems yet as I’ve just clocked a mere 2h45 in game. From what I’ve seen so far, the technick system at least seems to be very similar to the skills system of FFIX, which I personally loved, it’s probably my favourite in the series.


Oh and visuals are simply stunning for the PS2 and here I was thinking that Kingdom Heats II had stretched it as far as it could go. On top of that, the amazing (at least, so far) story just draws you in completely. It has that ‘epic’ feel to it, it really makes you feel completely insignificant at the start. Major props goto the music side of things. Even though Uematsu-san isn’t conducting the entire OST, it is still made of awesome. I’ve been listening to the 4CD OST over the last few days and I’ve gotten to that as well.

grrr...ashe smash

However, FFXII isn’t made completely of win, I have a major issue with the game. I bloody well hate the stupid camera system. Sure, assign the camera to the right analog stick but please fucking let me un-invert the rotation of the damn camera. Oh and please don’t zoom in on Vaan’s head when I accidentally run into a plant, I don’t want to be running away from a T-Rex thing and suddenly be presented with a rotating view of Vaan’s head.


Right, now that that’s outta my system, I suppose I should say something about anime… Oh! I installed Vista the other day. I was given an almost perfect opportunity when my existing install of XP crapped out on me and I was forced to reinstall or be subject to complete freezes either when logging in, signing into msn or using firefox. So I managed to partition off some of my precious space and installed Vista Ultimate on it. And it is good. My favourite feature just has to be the addition/revamp of Windows Media Center. Not only is it pretty and simple to use, it helps with productivity and lets me watch more anime! (And give me incentive to keeping it all organised too) I haven’t really noticed any speed issues (I’m using about 300megs on my flash as Readyboost memory in order to take some of the load off my RAM) so far. My only real gripe is the fact that I’m forced to run under a resolution of 1024×768 rather than the 1152×864 that I run under XP.

In other tidbits, I managed to add a copy of Brave Story to the ole’ download queue. A review might be in order soon.


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Alright, so maybe Code Geass isn’t the best that Sunrise could have done. I’ve got a few bones to pick them. Spoilerage follows after the break.


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