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rena + rika

As usual, all ye who progress must have watched Higurashi 24+ and be fairly immune to rantage. You have been warned.



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rei plugsuit

It looks like I was somewhat right, that “Khara” project I talked of has been given a proper name and details about it have been (somewhat) exposed in the October 2006 issue of Newtype. It’s apparently called “Evangelion Shin Gekijou Ban” or “New Evangelion Movie Adaptation” (thanks to ANS).

The translation on ANS is a bit iffy so I’ve cleaned it up a bit.

Looks like most of the original team is still onboard for what seems to be a release that consists of 4 parts “(First volume, Second part, Latter part and Final story)”. Hideaki Anno seems to be handling the writing for the first part. I’m just glad this isn’t some half-arsed remake by a different group of people, though Gainax is well and truely trying to milk the cash cow that is Eva.

It looks like the series of movies will be a sort of remake of the original Eva, more like a ‘retranslation’ of the story, which I’m guessing would be like what the Eva mangas are doing right now (both Angelic Days and the Evangelion manga by Sadamoto). Also it seems to be something that new fans can simply jump into and not get run over by the newbie-hating story. To me it just seems like a ploy on Gainax’s part to get new fans into the series..

From ANS:

The technique that purposely scatters difficult words and phrases will not be used any longer.

Hahaha, well this is surprising, though it must be linked to the whole ‘get new fans into the series’ plan.

Again from ANS:

As an antithesis to current animation industry segments, it is an attitude on the production side to pull the act in the age that started from Eva.

Ironic, considering the previous statement as I did not understand a word of this, anyone care to explain this if they understand?

The movies will begin airing Summer 2007 in Japanese cinemas. I know I’m intrigued to see where this leads and to see whether they’ll be able to pull it off and not cause fans to go frothing at the mouth.

Scans available from Omni, go ogle.

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