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Unstoppable laughter followed. Pure comedy gold.


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This just made my day! Who needs anti-depressants when you’ve got your very own team of personal cheerleaders ;)

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It’s here! It’s finally here!

I’ve been eagerly waiting for this for a while now, ever since I saw episode one of Bokura ga Ita.

I love the intro, especially the guitar riff, try listening to it with the bass+volume up on your speakers — bliss!

ze cover
Kimi Dake wo… by Mi mp3 @ 256kbps. Get it here. Updated: 03 Feb 07.

Alternative translations:

  • Only You…
  • 君だけを…

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Haha, the above image made me think of higurashi.


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Sorry for the near utter lack of images in this post but selecting images out of a 15 volume series is kind of daunting. So bear with me in the following ‘blocks’ of text.

So I finally finished reading all 15 volumes of the I”s manga today. I’m an utter emotional wreck right now, I can’t think straight plus it’s sometime around midnight here so excuse me if the rest of the review starts making no sense.

I was tearing up at the end of the manga. It truely is one of the most powerful manga I’ve read — not that I’ve read boatloads of manga..

This just blows Ichigo 100% out of the water. It truely cannot be considered similar to that, which I’d done in my initial posting. While Ichigo 100% had tons of fanservice just for the sakes of it, most (and yes, there were times when the fanservice was a tad bit over-the-top but it wasn’t too numerous — thankfully) of the time the fanservice used in I”s makes the plot flow on. It’s an integral part of the story — one that would not be as complete without it.

Another thing, unlike Ichigo 100% there isn’t too much meaningless filler scattered through the volumes. Each arc adds, in its own, a tiny bit to the complex relationship that is woven around Ichitaka and Iori. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill romance/comedy story. This one actually ends. Properly.

This is something that could actually be counted as realistic in many ways. I actually found myself sympathising many a time with Ichitaka, feeling what he felt, thinking what he thought.

I actually read the alternate ending as well. It’s boatloads better than the normal one. It fleshes out certain details more — revealing more of this could be considered a huge spoiler, so I won’t ;).

One thing that I’m a bit iffed about is the fact that Itsuki (Ichitaka’s childhood friend) pretty much disappeared from the series sometime in middle not to reappear, well technically not reappear but she can be seen in the end. That was rather sudden in my opinion and rather rushed too, as if someone said to the mangaka “Hey what about Itsuki, did you forget to put her in?” (in moonspeak of course, I can’t read/speak moonspeak to save my life so you’ll have to do with my poorly-adequate version).

I was actually thinking of putting in random images from danbooru in here but decided against it. I’ve probably already confused many people with that review, there’s no need to fry their brains in the process as well.

Final thoughts: buy, “acquire”, rent…I don’t care! Get it, read it and revel in the wonder that is I”s.

A 95/100 monkey series.

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Re: Shock!

Spoilers of ginormous proportions follow. Do not read unless you’ve watched Hachikuro ep7!


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