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yuki! in a bag! reading!!
It’s Yuki! Reading! In a bag!!

No, I’m not abandoning this, I’ve just realised how much fun it really is to keep a blog on a topic that you can really write about. All my previous attempts to keep a personal blog ended up with inactive blogs that are, to this day, gathering dust in some musty old recess of the web.

Popularity-wise, this has already far exceeded my expectations – 3 months and it’s already garnered over 4000 hits. Heck, I thought I’d be stretching my luck to think about getting 1000 in that time.

In any case, it’s vacation time, I’ll be back in a week, and hopefully I’ll be able to pick some manga and whatnot up. Posting of Zero no Tsukaima episode 4 delayed till I get back.


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i bet oboro's drained
ZOMG! I thought they were guys!

touka is that really you?

The producers should put warnings when they put shocks like these in an episode!

Utawarerumono ep17 is actually making me eagerly wait for the next episode, the series is getting better!

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I, um, “acquired”* all of I”s yesterday. I”s is a completed manga series from the mind of Masakazu Katsura, he who brought us series like DNA2 (which I’ve yet to read, it’s next).

It’s been great so far. Reminds me a lot of Ichigo 100% which I enjoyed tremendously (the anime series was awful btw). I’m only on the 3rd volume so far, got 12 volumes to go through — 15 volumes in total. It should keep me occupied through the rest of the summer hols.

Storyline is typical of the romance-comedy genre but this series just has a certain charm to it. Pick it up if you ever get the chance. (psst, think inside the box to get a torrent)

Yes there are bikini-clad girls galore. Read it now.

*code for downloaded

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ze front
and ze back

Picked these two up last night in a small bookshop.

Heck, I never knew it sold manga. *adds bookshop to list of haunts*

Plus it was only about (after currency conversion) US$7.50 each which is a pretty good price considering that they go for about US$10 in the US and Singapore (not counting the CY ones). Woot for 0% book tax!

Volume 3 of the School Rumble manga is due to be released on August 29th, can’t wait!

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Satoshi sounds like a girl.

Meakashi-hen is turning out to be an interesting chapter. More Shion screen time always wins bonus points in my book.

Could we perhaps see the emergence of a killer Shion?

Satoko is gaining major minus points though, I can’t stand her whining.

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Louise love
First Kiss by ICHIKO mp3 @ 256kbps VBR. Grab it here now.

I must admit, I didn’t like it at first and wrote it off as being a generic piece not worth listening to. It’s grown on to me in the last 3 episodes and the full version is pretty funky. Love the instruments used — even if they do sound like they’re all being synthed. Download and give it a spin for yourself.

Sorry Jason, for stealing the concept ;). Thanks must go to [vga-ost] for upping this. Cheers guys!

Edit: It seems that Jason beat me to it, guess I should have put this up yesterday instead of waiting :P. Eh, this’ll stay up anyway.

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Got short term memory loss? This helps. I promise.

Gawd, I sound like I’m selling something. I don’t work for them, honest.

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